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Everything Else

Are you not entertained? We have more!

Check out our new SHADOW GRAND ENTRANCE! This will certainly make your wedding entrance the talk of the town!

We can interact with your crowd using many games and contests Usually reserved for kids parties, but now becoming popular in weddings and corporate events.

  • limbo, conga lines and other contests with prizes.
  • “The Newlywed game” (Wildly funny at weddings!)
  • Bridal party trivia (See how well your bridal party knows you!)
  • “Bridal Idol” Play a version of American Idol at your wedding!
  • Dinner and Cocktail hour interaction, as well as team building events are our specialty
  • “Got talent”, Trivia, and name that tune competitions.
  • The sky is the limit to our creativity. (We only offer these if you WANT Them!)

When it comes to creativity, we have the edge on our competition by constantly networking with DJ’s across the U.S. to improve our offerings to you, so that you can have the most creative and fun event. If you have seen something very unique at an event, chances are we were the first ones to present it in our area.